Hello Marshmello

It’s really hard to work with people with no faith, how are you supposed to get passed challenging obstacles with no heart? 

The only apology I needed, was the one I owed myself.

Honestly, it feels so weird to not have you around anymore. I dearly enjoyed the journey we’ve been through together and I hate that there is now a dead end. I will never forget the moments we shared with each other. The smiles and laughter along with tears and arguments. Nothing can replace the memories that we encountered and I hope that I was able to at least be a highlight during your lifetime. I wish you the best.

Awww shit

Awww shit

The feeling of bringing joy to someone is incredible, especially when it’s someone you love. Everyone deserves to feel special from time to time. No matter how big or small the gesture is - from something grand to a simple “I love you” - can be so impactful. It can truly make a difference and turn bad days into good; Frowns into smiles; Doubts into certainties. I challenge you to make someone smile everyday, and experience the joy it brings. 

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